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There are several ways to use Snopsis in your business, regardless of 

if you are a business owner, accountant, bookkeeper or an advisor.

ANALYSIS ~ Expert Financial Solution

Understand your cash and profitability positions and how they compare to the industry average or any number you want to compare your business to. Automate your analysis with Snopsis.

THE BRIDGE ~ Get the Team on the Same Page

Stop searching through email, text and instant message for a piece of information. The Bridge keeps all of your focused discussions in one easy to search place.

MILESTONES ~ Tell Your Story

Milestones are critical events in your company’s life that impact the future. Use them to mark the items that made a difference, whether it was a great success or a failure you don’t want to repeat.

BOOKMARKS ~ Improved Organization

Snopsis has Bookmarks to help you save the items that matter most to you. Just Bookmark any post, calculation, video, file; anything you think is important to track.  

DATA MASH ~ Slice and Dice Your Data

Your customized calculator for financial analysis. Data is gathered from your accounting software and integrated to create custom calculations, graphs, charts, or discussions.

IMPACT CENTER ~ Cash Flow Meets the Road

The Impact Center in Snopsis will show you the impact your business makes in the community. See your business from a bird’s eye view to look for growth opportunities or areas of concentration.  

TO-DO LIST ~ Tasks are Better Written Down

When you are moving fast, running your business, and directing your team, action items are almost a given. To-Do List in allows you to quickly add items your working on or have delegated to your team.  

MOBILE FIRST ~ Working Anytime, Anywhere

What good are all of these cool features if you can’t use them when you’re away from the office. Snopsis has a robust mobile app that allows you to take your data and team with you anywhere.

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