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Running a small business can make you feel like you are all alone. Everything falls on your shoulders and there never seems to be enough time. 

To break through, you have to organize your team to think, communicate and act as a single unit. With Snopsis, your team and data are in one place.

For Business Owners

Using Snopsis Features

ANALYSIS ~ Expert Financial Solution

Be alerted to hidden cash opportunities that exist in your business and formulate a plan to capture this windfall for you and your business. Stop spending time creating spreadsheets or trying to understand complicated financial analysis. Have instant access to our library of simple to understand ratios, or create ones that are specific to your business using your own data and labels.

THE BRIDGE ~ Get the Team on Same Page

No need to check 10 places to find out what is going on in your business. Just open up the Snopsis app and scroll The Bridge. It is the one stop shop to targeted communication with your team. You can delegate a team member to make a collection call on an outstanding invoice, announce a new company hire, or post an article for your team to read. Anything you need to communicate can be found in this area. The Bridge connects your team with the right information.

MILESTONES ~ Tell Your Story

If you have ever had to tell a new employee, “Yea, we tried that a few years ago.”, then this feature will help you bring people new to your organization up to speed. Matter of fact, all of those items that we tend to forget about can be recorded as a milestone. Changing accountants, talking to a banker or investor, or writing your autobiography, all of these items become easier when you have a living history of critical events.

BOOKMARKS ~ Improved Organization

Everyone in your company can track the things that matter most to them. You sales manager can build a Bookmark board to track and measure sales and customer news, while your field managers could track expenses assigned to a specific customer – kind of like a Job Cost board. Every user has the chance to build their own trackable experience.

DATA MASH ~ Slice and Dice Your Data

Create calculations on the fly, with the data you need, all in one place. Additionally, do you have someone manage a line item on your income statement, like advertising spend? Give them access to the same number you look at in your accounting system to track it. They can see the advertising spend, but nothing else. You are in complete control, and they have the numbers they need to do the best job for you and your business.

IMPACT CENTER ~ Cash Flow Meets the Road

Imagine you are on vacation on a beach and you see that one of your customers has an outstanding invoice that you want to act on. You can. All the details are inside the app, just send a templated friendly reminder email, or assign a collection task to your team with a click or two. Now get back to putting suntan lotion on.

TO-DO LIST ~ Tasks are better written down

Snopsis provides suggestions on how to improve your businesses financial health. If you would like to act on one of the suggestions, just add it to your To-Do List. Add your own tasks and assign them to a team member. You can track it inside the app to make sure your making the progress you expect.

MOBILE FIRST ~ Working Anytime, Anywhere

What good are all of these cool features when you are on the road visiting clients, or on the floor with your clients. Data is at your fingertips with the Snopsis Mobile App. 

Whatever you need to do, wherever you need to do it. Your data and team communication is in the palm of your hand.

Why Do You Need Snopsis?

You need information to take the risk out of making business decisions, and your financial statements only tell you half of the story.

"We're the ones who will fill in the blank places. Maybe we can make it different" 

- Lois Lowry, Gathering Blue


Connect With Your Team

  • All Team Members Can Use
  • Topic-Focused Discussions
  • Bite-Sized Content


Keep Data Secure

  • Partition Data Per User
  • Protect Sensitive Data
  • Stop Duplicating Work


Build a Dashboard

  • Unlimited Configurations
  • More Than Financials
  • Static or Dynamic Data

to-do list

Make it Happen

  • Focus on Top Priorities
  • Add AI Suggestions
  • Great Tool to Manage Staff

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