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What is a Social Financial Platform and how can it help my business?

In the midst of a pandemic, two men came together with an idea that would change the small business world as we know it. 
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Quit or Keep Trying!
July  02, 2020

Who is behind Simplex Financials, Inc and why should I care?

If this your first time here, you are probably wondering who we are and how we came to exist. Well strap in, because if 2020 wasn’t unbelievable enough, this story is. 

Jessica Rickard

Quit or Keep Trying!
July  02, 2020

The Skills That Pay The Bills - Checklist

You need a host of skills as an entrepreneur. So, what does it take to be successful? After building 12 companies myself and working with 1000's of others, I put together a list of what sets top performers apart from the rest.

Mike Milan

March 05, 2020

10 Things That D.U.M.B. Business Owners Think

If you happen to look at yourself with a critical eye and say: “I Don’t Understand My Business.” Then you are a D.U.M.B. business owner. That doesn’t mean you are unintelligent. It means that there are things happening in your business that you haven’t figured out.

Mike Milan

February 5, 2020

Dump Your D.U.M.B. Accounting Firm Clients

Up or out?! If you want to take advantage of entrepreneurial profit, you need to migrate your client base up the value chain of your firm’s services. The lower-end clients will become a drain on your resources and ultimately be less profitable.

Mike Milan