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Today’s small-business owner expects a lot from their advisors. Believe it or not, they expect you to be the expert in the relationship. 

That means taking a leadership role, as the expert and delivering solutions and ideas your clients can use.

For Accountants

Using Snopsis Features

ANALYSIS ~ Expert Financial Solution

Delight your clients by adding automated advisory services to your list of services, without adding resources or wasting time.  Instant analysis delivered the way you want, when you want to get your client's attention.  Use our library or create your own formulas.

THE BRIDGE ~ Get the Team on Same Page

Become one of the team, by engaging in the posts on your client’s feed. In a matter of seconds, you can scroll the bridge and get caught up on what’s happening at your client’s business. Be as involved or uninvolved as you need to be, but always be up to date on important client topics.

MILESTONES ~ Tell Your Story

Milestones are the answer to your prayers. You can quickly scan the history of any client and understand their success and failures. Milestones can be used to fill in gaps you see in the financial statements like: why was revenue down? Oh, in March of 2020 they had to close for COVID-19 or in December, 2019 they lost a large customer during an RFP process. Milestones not only give you the highlights, but you and you clients can add as much detail as you like to tell the story.

BOOKMARKS ~ Improved Organization

Build Bookmark boards for your clients to help transition them to the new world of real-time financial analysis. Bookmarks is a perfect transition from the static dashboards of the past to moving at today’s speed of business. You can also set up their own boards to track specific items for each client, because not every client has the same issue. Set alerts to be notified when performance starts to slip, then provide them with timely advice to take corrective action. They avoid a problem and you look like the trusted advisor they can’t live without. 

DATA MASH ~ Slice and Dice Your Data

Keep your clients focused on the line items that matter by limiting their access to just those items. It’s a great way to get their attention, without overwhelming them with too much information.  Use our Data Slicing permission system to reveal just the pieces of data that matter.

IMPACT CENTER ~ Cash Flow Meets the Road

You can see how each client does business in the world. You might notice inefficiencies, poor pricing, or duplicate vendors. This is a great time to engage your client to see if there are ways to improve the way they purchase goods. Sometimes all it takes is asking the question to save your clients $1,000’s. Help them maintain a healthy cash flow by knowing how money comes in or flows out of your client’s company.

TO-DO LIST ~ Tasks are better written down

With lots of clients and lots of request, the To-Do List can be a friendly reminder of the commitments you have made. Look like a star for your clients by never dropping the ball on the things they need from you.

MOBILE FIRST ~ Working Anytime, Anywhere

What good are all of these cool features when you are on the road visiting clients, or on the floor with your clients. Data is at your fingertips with the Snopsis Mobile App. 

Whatever you need to do, wherever you need to do it. Your data and team communication is in the palm of your hand.

Show Your Clients You Care!

"Nobody cares what you know until they know that you care."

- Theodore Roosevelt


Simple Overview of Clients

  • Track Clients Financial Health
  • Identify Client Issues Fast
  • Prioritize Client Needs


Best Business Calculator 

  • Create Custom Formulas
  • Add Unique Data
  • Industry Comparisons


Stay Informed & Engaged

  • Stay Informed of Issues
  • Collaborate With the Team
  • Give Instant Expert Advice


Slice & Dice Data w/ Control

  • Parse Reports into Pieces
  • Share Relevant Information
  • Create Data Set Groups

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